TARA BECK | Associate

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tara beck

Museum Education. Curriculum-based programming. Visitor Experience. Research.

  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental and Conservation Science, University of Alberta
  • Baccalauréat en éducation, élémentaire, Campus Saint-Jean at the University of Alberta
  • Master of Arts, Museums and Galleries in Education, Institute of Education, UCL, London UK

From a young age, Tara Beck has been curious about connection: connections among people, connections to place, connections with objects, connections through story. With nearly 20 years of experience as an educator, researcher and museum professional, this fascination with connection has guided her along rich and diverse pathways of experience.

Employing strong interpersonal skills and an empathetic approach, Tara has worked with government agencies, environmental not-for-profit groups, school divisions, museums and cultural institutions. Her practice is deeply rooted in constructivism and inquiry. Her expertise in slow looking, object-based learning, and visual literacy skill building, informs her ability to connect visitors to each other and to the places they visit. Tara’s work in the field of experiential learning has seen her develop and deliver programs for environmental and cultural organizations in BC, Alberta and England.  




Most recently, Tara worked with the Royal Alberta Museum’s renewal project as a program coordinator. There she gained invaluable experience in strategic planning, visitor research, gallery development and operational implementation. 

Tara’s appetite for observing connection compels her to have a strong evidence-based approach to her practice. Through her graduate work at the Institute of Education in London, she employed a variety of techniques to research teacher motivations and their engagement with parks and cultural institutions. Tara is well versed in visitor studies and her strong analytical skills allow her to effectively interpret data and identify trends in information.

Tara is a passionate professional who believes strongly in the critical role museums play in our society. She sees infinite engagement potential in every natural and built environment and is endlessly fascinated by deep connections between people, place and material culture.

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