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We bring our approach and a deep understanding of sustainability when collaborating with you on renewal, and embed a coaching aspect in our work that can include mentorship, one-on-one work, and training opportunities in any of these areas:



Strategic, Sustainability, Operations, Business, Cultural, Emergency Preparedness

We help you find the time to create clear, comprehensive guiding documents focusing on the near and potential futures.


Project Management

Projects of All Sizes, Teams, Structured or Agile Process, Project Management Tools and Tactics

We can lead or provide you with leadership knowledge for all stages of your project, equipping your team with the tools they need to be effective.


Policy Development

Governance, Collections, Interpretation, Programs, Museum Operations

Our eyes do not glaze over when we develop policy; instead, we see clear direction and provide you with focus.


Museum Practice

Collections, Interpretation, Programming, Research, Visitor Experience & Engagement

The depth and breadth of our museum experience grounds our museum work in best practice and user-focused work to support community relevance.


Non-profit Operations

Human Resources, Communications Strategies, Financial Management, Organizational Design

Our hands-on experience in small, medium and large organizations runs deep and helps us guide your work.


Program Review and Design

Audience and Community Needs Assessments, Audits, Outcome-based Evaluation, Transition and New Program Development

We dive deep into how your community responds to what you offer – and shed light on what works (and what doesn’t) and what can fill the gaps.



Governance Structure and Process, Bylaw and Policy Development, Tools and Manuals, Transition and Renewal

Whether you are starting anew or revisioning existing practice, we provide the guidance and the tools for renewal.


Research, Writing and Editing

Publications, Interpretive Writing, Museum Practice Research and Writing, Grant Writing, Historical and Archeological Research

From text seen behind the scenes to front-and-centre informative storylines, we can wordsmith what needs to be heard.


Consultation and Engagement

Community Consultation and Engagement, Facilitation, Surveys, Focus Groups and Interviews, Needs Assessments, Stakeholder Mapping and Strategy, Audience Research

Gathering actionable opinions and ideas from your engaged community — and determining who they are — is a passion of ours. We’ll bring the sticky notes and baskets of inspiration!


Your unique project

Do you have a project we haven’t touched on? We relish new challenges — contact us to talk about your idea!

Connecting virtually

Hatlie Group is experienced in working remotely and online; we are adept at video conferencing and other remote work technologies, including:

  • The Mural Consultants Network – an online collaboration space allowing interactive workshops where participants can actively participate, including video conferencing
  • Survey Monkey | Doodle | Trello | Asana | Sign Up Genius | Zoom / Zoom Webinar | Microsoft Teams | Dropbox and others
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