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teresa boettcher

Strategic Planning, Research, Financial Operations, Leadership Strategy

  • Bachelor of Art, Medieval European and Western Canadian History, Management and Society, University of Calgary 
  • Master of Public Administration, Leadership, Motivation, and Team Building, University of Victoria

Teresa has been working in administration for museums and non-for-profits for the last fifteen years, and currently works for the Government of Alberta with Seasonal Site Operations. The administration of not-for-profit organizations is fundamental to their success but needs to be approached in ways to tailor to the purpose of the organization.  It is with this belief in mind, that Teresa brings knowledge and skills in areas such as technology, program, project, and event planning processes, financial awareness unique to not-for-profits, and strategic thinking to build toward organizational success.

Specific to museums, Teresa has experience working with a variety of organizations, including the Alberta Museums Association, The Military Museums, Heritage Park, Glenbow Museum, and Government of Alberta Historic Sites including Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump UNESCO World Heritage Site, Oil Sands Discovery Centre, and most recently Rutherford House and Historic Dunvegan.



Several of these organizations went through strategic planning processes at the time, giving Teresa experience with multiple different approaches to strategic planning, and especially how the team dynamics of each group contributes to that process.

Having experienced many different leadership styles, and seeing firsthand how leadership impacts team dynamics and how individual’s approach their work, Teresa chose this topic for her Master’s Capstone Project. Leadership plays a key role in the overall success of an organization, not just from a decision-making and planning standpoint, but also from a relational standpoint.

Teresa’s two greatest passions are learning and contributing to society in a meaningful way.  It is through these passions she hopes to make each organization she works with grow to reach their greatest potential.




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